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Floor Finish (Includes 18mm Chipboard)

Cradle Systems

Minimum floor height without packing to maximum with full 20mm micro level adjustment

Floor Depth

Further adjustment can be made by utilising 20mm micro packers

Cradle Spacing

Batten Spacing

Straight-Lay Acoustic Batten Systems

Three surface over-lay materials are available with Durabella under structures to cater for the various needs and uses in today's market:

1 Floor grade chipboard type C4-improved moisture resistance [to comply with NHBC]

2 WPB tongued & grooved profile plywood

3 Pre-finished tongued & grooved hard-wood strip flooring [Solid wood & Engineered laminate]

Please contact our Technical Department if the flooring finish required is outside of our standard range.

All Timber products used in Durabella Systems are from renewable resources and can therefore be specified in the knowledge that they are environmentally friendly.

For More Info Please Call Us: 041 984 5652