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Durabella Impact 5 Acoustic Sound Insulation System

Durabella Impact 5 is an ideal solution for sound insulation where low level elevation is required. In addition Impact 5 is indentation resistant,eg., to furniture casters (in accordance with DIN 68131) and is suitable for floor heating systems.

While maintaining its original thickness the material will remain permanently elastic & none perishing for decades. Impact 5 contains no CFC's,PCB, Lindan mercury or formaldehyde and therefore poses no heath risk. The material does not lose its resilience under compresson and can be re-used even if the wear layer has to be changed.

With excellent recovery behaviour Impact 5 can be used under carpets, linoleum and parquet flooring in residential and commerical buildings. It is also suitable for stair applications.

Durabella Impact 5 sound insulation enhances home comfort and is quick to install, made from quality recycled materials guarantee to last.

Durabella Impact 5 - Technical Data


Prefabricated roll materials, made from selected foam particles, rebounded with Polyurethane binder.


Impact absorbing mat bonded or loose lay over timber or concrete sub-floors.


Suitable for use under PVC, linoluem, carpet and wood.


Supplied in rolls 1m wide x 10m long (standard) 5mm thickness.


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