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About Durabella Ireland Acoustic Systems

Perhaps one of the most significant features of Durabella Acoustics Ireland is the people behind it. With an enviable reputation for quality and technical expertise the original infrastructure has devoted time in research and development to produce high performance acoustic systems to meet the required levels of sound insulation to comply with Building Regulations Document 'E'.

Durabella Acoustics Ireland systems have been independently tested for field trial performance and have accredited UKAS laboratory test certification. The company recognise the intended proposals for amending Document 'E'- resistance to the passage of sound, on site testing will play a significant role in showing that the required levels of resistance have been achieved for air-borne and impact noise reductions.

In the interest of acoustic control Durabella Acoustics Ireland can action on site testing utilising independent acoustic consultants to establish before and after test data. With high performance acoustic systems backed by site specific test certification, makes us the first choice for all prestigious projects throughout urban rejuvenation.

Durabella Acoustics Ireland has been structured to deliver a total service capability to ensure our professional excellence and your peace of mind throughout our operation. We offer a complete all encompassing design and installation service with a fully experienced team equipped to carry out site and level surveys and provide detailed quotations, ensuring that calculations and material call off's are correct.

For More Info Please Call Us: 041 984 5652